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Important Personal Property Statement Information for 2015

Owners of taxable personal property in the state of Michigan are required by state law to annually file a personal property statement with the local assessor. Prior to 2011, the City Assessor's Office mailed a paper copy of the personal property statement to each owner listed in the City's personal property database.

In an effort to reduce the needless waste of paper, reduce costs, and create efficient process, the City has partnered with its property tax software provider, BS&A, to offer an alternative for filing personal property statements. Below is a summary of changes and reminders that will affect personal property owners and statement preparers.


Paper statements will not be mailed by the City Assessor's Office. In place of the paper personal property statement owners will be mailed a letter on January 15, 2015.

Most owners will have 2 options for filing a return:

For those owners who do not have access to the internet paper returns will be made available at the City Assessor's Office located at City Hall, 226 North Michigan Avenue, Big Rapids, MI 49307 - Telephone - 231-592-4030.

Reminders for 2015:

Business owners are required by State law to file a personal property return in each jurisdiction where personal property is located, even if a letter or statement is not received from the local assessor. Failure to file is punishable by law including imprisonment, a fine, or both. Deadlines for filing are February 1 in the City of Big Rapids.

Businesses that filed a return in the City in 2014 and have subsequently experienced a change in business name, ownership, or location should contact the Assessor's Office at (231)592-4030.