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Neighborhood Services Department


Mark Sweppenheiser-
Director of Neighborhood Services (231) 592-4035

Cindy Plautz-
Neighborhood Services Coordinator (231) 592-4036

Stacey Johns-
Code Enforcement (231) 592-4057

Building Inspector-
Mecosta County Building Department (231) 592-0105

Mission Statement -

Through vigorous and equitable enforcement of municipal zoning, building construction, and property maintenance codes, the Neighborhood Services Department shall follow a policy of maintaining and improving the safety and wellbeing of residents of the various neighborhoods in the community while simultaneously pursuing strategies to protect property values in those neighborhoods. In recognition of the importance of safe, stable neighborhoods, economic growth, and the natural environment, the Department shall further follow a policy of protecting the small town character of Big Rapids for the enjoyment and enrichment of all residents.

The Neighborhood Services Department has the following offices: Planning, Rental Inspections, and Zoning

The Department of Neighborhood Services includes the following functions and responsibilities: