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Welcome to the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety Web page. On February 6, 2012 I was hired by the City of Big Rapids to serve as the Director of Public Safety. In this position I have the privilege to oversee both the police and fire services for Big Rapids. The men and women who work for our Department are as diverse as the community that they serve. They are committed to respecting the rights of all and dedicated to maintaining public trust and the highest standards of the police and fire services.

In 1985 I graduated from Ferris State University, "College" at the time. I never dreamt that one day I would return here and be given the opportunity to serve this great community. As a student at Ferris State living in Big Rapids, I remember always feeling that this was a great place to live and go to school.

It is the goal of the entire department to work together with this community and with all those we serve to provide a safe place for people to live, work, learn, and visit.

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