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How do I request a copy of a report?

Reports can be obtained by the involved parties by filing a Freedom Of Information Request at the Clerk's Office in City Hall. City Hall is located at 226 N. Michigan Ave. Please call 231-592-4000 if you have any questions regarding FOIA submission or whether a report is ready to be picked up or not. All reports require a fee for reproduction, fees are based on the type of report and the number of pages to be reproduced.

I'm not happy with the service I received, who do I talk to?

All Department employees strive to provide the highest level of service to the public and to do so in a professional manner. The Department recognizes that on rare occasion employees may act or speak inappropriately. There are also times that employees may take action that while correct and appropriate leaves members of the community with questions.

The Department has a citizen complaint policy to address these and other issues related to professional conduct. The policy outlines how people who believe that an employee has done or said something inappropriate may file a complaint against that employee and how the Department must respond to the complaint.

The preferred method for filing a complaint is for the citizen to come to the Station and first meet with the employee's supervisor to see if the matter can be resolved at that time. This can be done by coming to the Department Building located at 435 N. Michigan Avenue during regular business hours. It is our hope that we are able to resolve these matters quickly and to the satisfaction of all concerned which is why we request the first step be with the employee's supervisor. Complaints of criminal activity or other serious wrongdoing will be forwarded directly to the Director of Public Safety who can be reached at (231) 527-0005.

Complaints that are not resolved at the initial stage will be sent to the Director of Public Safety who will then assign the complaint to a Command Officer for investigation. Generally the Department goal is to complete the investigation within 2 weeks and advise the complainant in writing of the outcome of the investigation. Employees found to have acted inappropriately face Department sanctions ranging from reprimand to termination.

The Department takes complaints against employees very serious and will investigate every complaint made. It is our goal to provide the most professional service possible.

What are the time and dates of special events? (Parades, City Events, Community Events, etc.)

Please contact the City Clerk's Office at (231) 592-4000 for information on planned events within the City of Big Rapids.

How do I get a Car Seat installed?

I want to use the Community Classroom, how can I sign-up?

The Public Safety training/community room seats 85 and is available for use by Community Organizations. Please contact our office for scheduling and rate structure.

How do I arrange a station tour for our group?

Just contact our office for available dates and times, please advise if there are any accommodations needed.

How do I get a Pistol Purchase Permit?

Pistol Permit Applications for City Residents are done during normal business hours and are processed within 24 hours of application. If a person wishes to wait, the Department is on the State of Michigan Automated Pistol Registration System and the application can be processed while they wait. Saturday hours for the Department are extended hours and only applications can be accepted for processing on the next business day. Current CPL holders do not need a permit issued from the Department and can use the downloaded Purchase Record (RI-060) from the State. Firearms inspections are no longer required but the Local Agency and MSP Copy needs to be dropped at the Department after the completion of the sale.

Can I register my party so we don't get tickets?

The short answer is no. Anyone hosting a gathering in the City of Big Rapids is responsible for the conduct of their guests and any disruption to the peace of their neighborhood. The City Statute on Nuisance Parties is a good source of information on activities that can cause you to be cited. Here is a Department issued guide on responsible Social gatherings.

I want Officer Boomer, the Police Horse, to visit our school/daycare, how do I do this?

Please contact our office and ask for Officer Erik Little, Boomer's partner. Officer Little schedules special events with Boomer and is available for the surrounding area if schedule permits.

I want to recharge my Fire Extinguisher, do you still provide the service?

We no longer provide charging services for fire extinguishers but have an active list of service providers that do. Please contact our department and speak with the on duty fire personnel.

I want to arrange for a Firefighter to visit with our school/daycare, how do I do this?

Please contact our office and ask to speak with the on duty fire shift, or the Deputy Director, for available dates and times. Please advise if there are any accommodations needed.

Who is responsible for the Smoke Detectors in our Rental?

The landlord is responsible to have working smoke detectors in the residence, however it is the responsibility of the tenant to report any problems to the landlord. If the batteries are removed from the detector the tenant can be held responsible. If you have reported a defective detector to your landlord and nothing has been done, contact the Neighborhood Services Department here.

Can I get a free Smoke Detector?

You may qualify for a free smoke detector that can be installed by the Fire Division, please contact the Fire Division to find out.